Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ HEARTBEAT..dup dup.. ~

yeayyyy!!! finally i have sumtink like nuffnang (click n earn money) on my blog.. =p
hip hip hurrayy.. over ok!
it's called HEARTBEAT..yeah like your HEARTBEAT dupdupdapdap haha..
i got it from my friend's blog, she also tell each step (image included) on how to be a heartbeat'er..eheh..

lets me describes more about HEARTBEAT, actually it is like a souvenir and gift.
Heartbeat provide personalized & unique gifts such as
and so on
that printed with your photos
and special wording on it..
Awesome rite?
You can put your picture on it
and it's look like your own brand yaww... cool ok!
you can check out your own HEARTBEAT @

quite simple actually, you just have to click here n there, fillup the form
about ur personal,
account number (to transfer the money that you earn)
so on so forth, and last please choose
your HEARTBEAT ads
then copy it as your sidebar.

as simple as that.. =)
so now, what are you guys waiting for?
go n get your HEARTBEAT!

owh before i forget, lets check dis gojes site for more details ait.. =)
check it out!!

hey guys, cer try click at HEARTBEAT ads tepi tu >>>>>>>
kite tengok ape jadi.. hehe.. Selamat Mencuba..

click tau...tau...click2..enough shikin.. =p

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