Saturday, February 19, 2011

14 February 2011
Hari apakah itu?
Hari Kekasih?

jika itu jawapan anda....anda silap!

14 February 2011 adalah hari..................................

Isnin. =)

ok, sebenarnya nak cerita yang saya telah mendapat hadiah pada hari isnin tersebut..
Hadiah tersebut adalahhhhhhh..........

cantik tak?
i got it from my mama, i got it from my mama..(nyanyikan) =p

actually, this present telah dihadiahkan oleh my bestfren ever n ever (kenal tak?)
ye anda betul (kalau jawapan anda betul la)
tak lain dan tak lain adalah Nurul Naima.. ngeeehehe..
thanks makcik (panggilan antara kami) ;)
dari beli haritu sampai la tarikh entry ni di tulis,
handbag tersebut (iye, itu handbag ok) masih lagi belum di rasmikan tau.. hehe..
nanti kita keluar sesama, kita pakai sesama tau..
we are twins, so she bought two..
one for her & one for me..
same handbag, different color..
awww.. so sweet.. haha.. =p

Saturday, February 5, 2011

~ Funny Fact ~

Here’s a funny fact. Join your two hands as shown above.

Let’s start :

  1. The thumb represents your parents. Now try seperating them apart, and they’ll easily open. They easily seperate because you are not destined to live with your parents forever. Now join the two thumbs back together.
  2. Next, separate your index fingers and they will open too because these fingers represent your siblings, and they’ll also lead their own lives in the future.
  3. The middle fingers represent yourself.
  4. Next separate your pinky(little) fingers. These fingers with open as well because, they represent your kids, who will also have a different life from yours, eventually.
  5. Lastly, try opening your ring fingers. You can’t right, this is because the ring finger represents both you & your spouse & no matter what you’ll remain together for the rest of your life